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Software Development

When organization’s business strategies and requirements are not adequately met by packaged software, custom software development will be the right choice. We provides custom software development services to our customers by creating and deploying scalable, robust and flexible architecture that is aligned with the client’s business objectives.

We work side by side with our clients to understand their business objectives, define their software requirements and develop according to our clients’ needs. With 12 years of experience has given us the chance to build up extensive expertise in a wide range of sectors (FMCG, Finance, Sales, Retail, Education, Marketing). We use our knowledge to shape you business needs and generate the desired software solution.

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT / INTEGRATION: We can create any custom solution according to your business needs by integrating with your current solution(s). You demand, we create!

If you have a lot of customers and if you need to communicate with them professionally with a corporate identity this is what you are looking for!

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp groups for your clients and send automated messages or reports according to your needs? Now you can have your own customized and atomized messaging system!

• We can automatize your messaging queue and decrease the communication problems and deliver the correct message with a user-friendly interface to your customers.

• You will increase your corporate brand image and you will save a lot of time.

As an example, think of a lecture automation system: you have your customers as families, students and you try to manage communication between them, you want to inform families about their children’s upcoming lectures, or daily/monthly status reports. What most of the people will use is WhatsApp and you will be sure your information is delivered correctly with our solution.

If you need a survey both works online and offline on all devices (iOS, Android, Windows) this tool is for you! We can generate your custom surveys and you can collect your data anywhere on any platform. When you are offline the data will be stored locally and when you get online your data will be synched with the server automatically. Our app works from web browser so it is enough to send the survey link to collect data. Once the link is opened you can be offline and collect data from anywhere. This is suitable for companies who need to collect data on areas where internet is not accessible. Since this is a web app you do not need to download an app from store.
If you need a tailor made sales force automation / CRM you need a custom development with a flexible background. You may have different kind of channels/segments and they may have both need different requirements. If you need such a tool that you can customize and simplify your business we are ready to help your process!

• You can track your inventory/equipment’s with barcodes, merge the information of your inventory/equipment with sales.

• You can collect CRM information with custom designs and report them according to your needs.

• We can work on mobile and web based platforms.

We can generate quick, affordable and custom-made web sites and give support for your content. According to your corporate identity we can generate ideal dynamic web interface. We can work on your corporate identity and design from beginning to end.

• We will work closely with you to investigate your history, missions and methods you use.

• After carefully analysis, we will build up the ideal content formatting for your website

• We will create your ideal site that will highlight you in the market with your own corporate identity.